Thursday, January 10, 2013

Les Miserables

Les Miserables has let its marketing be the prologue for the film. The only introduction made within the film is to the time period and country. Which doesn’t go as far as it might otherwise as most songs are strictly rooted in a character’s personal dilemma. In fact, the setting isn’t much seen or understood. The sets furnish the viewer with the basics but a deeper relationship is left off. The focus is unmistakably upon the cast (not characters). This list of top talent who have come to demonstrate the art of song. Even the plays pedigree contrive to create an atmosphere of exhibition. The only question to consider about the work is just the quality of it. Was this voice good or bad? Was it pleasing or not? There is little meaning to consider attached. Les Miserables’s ambition is to inspire sympathy between itself and the stage rather than advancing any theme or narrative.

The songs that do transcend the films shallow objective quickly carve out an actual place and, as though by illusion, the same flat characters are given depth. Unfortunately, these scenes are scattered over too great an area to be able to support the rest of the film’s selfish indulgences into a coherent work. They are spark with nothing to catch onto.

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