Monday, January 28, 2013

End Of Watch

Yo, ok, so, CORRECTION. This movie is NOT about two cops who tackle a Mexican cartel that moves into Cali. This flick is all about two fucking bros, just being fucking bros, when ALL OF A SUDDEN, shit gets real. This cartel dude DOES make a phone call, sure yeah. But local gangsters answer the call. And the two bros really had very little idea what the fuck was going on for the majority of the picture here.

Unless you speak fluent Bro, you won’t know what’s good either. Shit, Fuck, and Bro are combined in various ways to construct a good portion of the script. I'm down for, no doubt. Cause, like, you’re watching Jake Gilly and you forget the dude is mad famous. The film is going for the fake reality TV style. Which, ya know, upside is most things feel pretty legit. People getting beat half to death will ma ya cringe cause it feels like you’re really seeing it! But flipside downside is that SUPER serious moments just flop dead. Paradoxical!? Nah, but the problem is twofold. 1) the Bro dialogue fails hard at conveying anything beyond Bro Talk. 2) The film does so well carving out a casual space, it becomes entrenched there. Anything approaching a serious tone is suspect and strange.

So, like, the end result has zero staying power. I mean, sure, the film is entertaining! But you don’t learn or experience much new (how Cartels kill rivals is one, though). But that’s a success! The film was going for “reality TV show” and nailed it! Contributed nothing of value to anyone!

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